Making a difference

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For 127 years Coca-Cola has been bringing people together. We know when people come together, good things happen. It has never been more important than it is today to collaborate to improve our planet, our communities, and our lives. More than just favorite beverages or moments of happiness, we have been making a difference in our local communities.

Coming Together


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Obesity is one of the most pressing problems of our time. Everyone agrees something needs to be done, and that’s a good start- because addressing it will take all of us. And as part of the country’s leading beverage company, Coca-Cola plays an important role. We can offer choices and information to help people make decisions that are right for them. We can innovate. And we can help get people moving- and enjoy it- by engaging in communities across the country.


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Obesity and being overweight are serious health issues in the United States. The following statistics were compiled by The Coca-Cola Company from government data and third-party researchers to promote understanding of calorie (energy) balance and active, healthy living. See the infographic here.


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Aspartame is another important topic in the United States. Aspartame and other no- and low-calorie sweeteners provide a sweet taste and can help people manage calories. Many have questions about these sweeteners, especially aspartame and the foods and drinks that contain it. See the infographic on what science says about this ingredient here.


For more information, check out the Coca-Cola Ambassador App online or on your phone.

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